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It is estimated that 5.5 million people have undiagnosed hypertension in the UK. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, does not often have symptoms but can lead to more serious problems like cardiovascular disease. We can help with early detection and treatment of hypertension, as well as offer advice to help you maintain a healthy heart.

Did you know that high blood pressure affects around a third of adults in the UK? Or that high blood pressure causes over 20% of heart attacks and 50% of strokes? 

Many people do not realise they have high blood pressure until it is too late. 

That’s why the NHS recommends that everyone over the age of 40 has their blood pressure checked at least once every five years.

The blood pressure checks service is designed to help with early detection and treatment of hypertension to help avoid serious health complications. Similar to a normal blood pressure test, one of our pharmacists will start by measuring your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is higher than140/90mmHg, you will be offered 24-hour blood pressure monitoring known as ABPM. This involves fitting a blood pressure cuff and monitor that takes a reading every 30-60 minutes throughout a 24-hour period during the patient’s routine daily activities and while sleeping. The results will then be shared with the patient’s GP to help inform a diagnosis of hypertension and provide suitable treatment, if required. 

You can use this FREE service if you are:

  • An adult over the age of 40 who has not previously been diagnosed with hypertension 
  • An adult under the age of 40 who has a recognised family history of hypertension  
  • You are aged between 35 and 39 and have been assessed as eligible for the service by our pharmacist  
  • You have been referred by your GP for a blood pressure check or ambulatory blood pressure measurement 

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